Cookies policy

On our website we use cookies to allow proper operation of the portal and adapt the content to the user\’s needs. At any time you can change the settings for cookies so that they were not saved. Use of this site without the use of any such changes, if the cookie is stored. Learn more.

What are cookies?

Cookies or other cookies (in English „cookie” is a „cake”) are small text files that sends visitors to a user service. The files are stored on the hard drive of your computer, laptop or device from which you are using, connecting to the Internet (smart phone, tablet). The information that has been placed in the cookie is only read by the server that sent them.

Cookies allow proper operation of the service, because it is used most websites: the government, information, online shops and public institutions.

What\’s in cookies?

Cookies can be used to store information about the preferences of internet users. Allows precise adjustment of content including Polls, Polls, advertisements, photographs and texts to the expectations of the users.

Usually consists of a set of websites, preferred language, location. They can also include personal information, if they have been supplied by him. Websites have access only to information that has been provided by the internet user. Sites can not gain access to other files on your computer.

How to control them?

In most of the available browsers Internet users have the option of controlling the setting of cookies. In the settings you will: allow the use of cookies, choose to block or delete cookies, specify the use of files for individual sites or adjust settings for different types of cookies (eg accept files as trading assets).

How do I disable cookies?

Agents used in mobile devices, desktops, and portable mostly contain default settings for accepting cookies. Browser settings can be changed at any time. If you have problems with self-setting the appropriate option, you can use the „Help”, which is in the browser menu.
See how to disable cookies for browsers:
Google Chrome –
Mozilla Firefox –
Safari (Apple) –

What to disable cookies?

Depending on the option selected in the browser, the total or partial exclusion of limitation of function of cookies may prevent you from using certain sites or services they offer.

Google Analytics will collect Google-authenticated identifiers associated with users’ Google Accounts (and therefore, personal information). Google Analytics will temporarily join these identifiers to Google Analytics data in order to support audiences.

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