August 2009

This summer I went to INDEXMEDICA for treatment off my teeth. It was a very pleasant experience although I had to let do all my teeth. Pleasant because everything went like we had planned on beforehand, no surprises. The people off the staff, reception, medical assistants and doctors were friendly and always helpful. It s a very professional clinic. I nearly experienced no pain although there was lot of work to be done. On beforehand I had searched for many dental clinics; Turkey, Hungary, Tunisia,… and I am glad I choose Krakow INDEXMEDICA. I have no regrets of my decision. I can laugh again without any embarrassment. People at home called it „extreme makeover” and it really is. Not only the treatment was professional but also my stay there during the treatments. They offered me an apartment free during the stay but I like more camping and this was no problem. They arranged my stay at camping Cleopardia. I made off my stay here also my vacation, went to visit Auswitch, Zakopane, Saltmines and of course lovely Krakow. The total time off my treatment was 20 days for total remake off upper and lower jaw. Because they paid my stay I saved also a holiday on top off the big price difference with Belgium. Now some weeks later I am still more pleased because off all the positive comments I get. Thank you everybody of INDEXMEDICA, you are all lovely. Greetings, Guy from Belgium. You may always contact me if you want more info. I am glad to help because I know it is a big step.

Guy Bulens (Belgium) Kwiecień 28, 2017