December 2008

After my initial enquiries I received a prompt and positive reply and was invited for a consultation .My problem was advanced paradontose to the point where I was losing my teeth, on my first visit I felt totally at ease with the very friendly and professional doctors and staff. Due to the advanced condition of my disease they advised total extraction which naturally caused me a lot of anxiety, which in retrospect was totally unfounded . The extraction was painless and over before I knew it . I am now back home with good looking temporary dentures and no pain! I am looking forward to the next visit in a few months to have my first implants and eventually permanent dentures and of course to see the beautiful city of Krakow again. Many thanks to Simon for making the arrangements and to the Doctors Krzysztof, Marian and Agnieszka. See you soon

Dave Shepley (United Kingdom) Kwiecień 28, 2017