January 2008

I have just returned from my second visit to Krakow after completing the restoration of my teeth. I had just seventeen teeth of my own with many gaps including one of my front teeth after an old crown broke down. I now have twenty eight teeth, a balanced jaw and I can smile without again with new bridges. The consultation process that allowed me to make up my mind what to do was professional, in good English and quite transparent. I never felt that the advice given had anything in mind other than my dental health. The surgery is equipped to hospital standards, staffed by highly qualified specialists and nurses and every procedure is completed with the greatest attention to detail by friendly people. The trip was easy to arrange and the city is full of history, fascinating and lively with good cafes and restaurants. The local trains can take you all over Southern Poland, or arrangements can be made for you by the agency. English is spoken everywhere and tourists are offered information written in their own language everywhere they go.

Hilary Kay (United Kingdom) Kwiecień 28, 2017