July 2010

I travelled to Poland in February for a consultation and to have some minor work done. I was very impressed with the work they done and how easy it was to arrange and how very helpful everyone was. I am an ordinary workingman and before I was going to go back and spend any large sums of money on my teeth I wanted to be sure the work they had done was of a good standard, so I went to a specialist here in Ireland. He took some x-ray’s and examined me, his exact words were ” the work you have had done is top class” His words not mine. So I would say to anyone out there who is thinking of getting their teeth treated come to Indexmedica the treatment is top class, the staff are excellent, the surgery is state of the art and they will arrange everything for you, it is so easy. The city is beautiful the food and drink are very cheap and the consultations are free so you have nothing to lose, I am very glad I came and so is my wife we both had treatment and cant praise it enough.

One of our patients from Ireland Kwiecień 28, 2017