October 2008

I was born in 1949 and have had years of British dentistry old fashions amalgam fillings, limited pain control with rushed needle anesthesia and (in more relent years) eye-watching prices. I found the clinic via a link on a hotel website when I was visiting Krakow. You’ll (as I did) the impressive cv’s and clear prices. You’ll like this clinic: Helpful staff and state of the art equipment allies to excellent dentists such as dr Gończowski and dr Czyżewska. Dr Gończowski conquered pain in a series of six root canal treatments by use of computer controlled anesthesia. Yes – six root canals! And dr Laura (Czyżewska) has just completed mine crowns forme. I’m a convert to Polish dentistry and (like the terminator) ,,I’ll be back”.

Kieran May (United Kingdom) Kwiecień 28, 2017