August 2009

I am an Australian who has been living in the UK for five years. I have always been a bit shocked at how expensive dental work is in the UK, and I have rarely been impressed with the treatments I received, especially when compared to the treatment I received back in Australia. But I have found a solution – INDEXMEDICA in Krakow, Poland. I had a root canal, two crowns and a tooth implant as treatment over some six months. The total cost was a little over £3000, I would have easily paid 2 to 2.5x that in the UK. The service was excellent, the dental staff highly competent and the clinic facilities were the best I have ever seen. The staff are polite and courteous, and every step of each procedure was explained to me. My treatment concluded in July 2009. Since arriving back in London I have cancelled my UK Dental Insurance because I will get my teeth done at Indexmedica for as long as I continue to live in the UK.

Aussie Banker (United Kingdom) Kwiecień 28, 2017